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  • We manage your brand
  • One stop shop for all your advertising needs
  • A dynamic and innovative approach
  • Your Publications are in safe hands

Who we are...

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We are a team of talented and dynamic professionals commited to achieving the best results for our clients...

What we do...


We develop and promote your brand through various advertising and promotional channels well crafted to produce real time results with a considerable budget.

Why choose us?


  • Award winning company
  • Several Years of industry experience
  • Prefinance options
  • Quality Assuarance etc.


Big ad agencies have big clients… and if you don’t spend big bucks, you might end up feeling like a small fish in a big pond. Very small ad agencies can’t give you the full service you deserve, leaving you lost at sea. You want an agency that will treat you the way you deserve… like a bag fish.

At supreme Concept, advertising agency is structured differently than most other agencies. With our dedicated graphic design, web design, and marketing staff at your disposal, you’ll get the personal service you’d expect from a small ad agency, with the creative power of a large one. Plus, our fees are very reasonable – we let you know right up front what your investment will be, so there are never any unwanted surprises. You could even get a discount……….

At  Supreme Concept, we handle every facet of advertising – graphic design, media research and buying, TV & radio copywriting, production and editing, print advertising, websites (from straight-forward HTML site to intricate database-driven dynamic sites), direct mail campaigns, e-mail blasts, public relations, packaging design, corporate marketing collateral, internal communications, corporate videos outdoor advertising, branding, corporate identity, promotional  items and much more.



1.    No Retainer Fees – we do not charge our clients retainer fee and only invoice for work done or to be done, saving our clients money.

2.    Special Payment Terms (Pre-Financing) – In special instances, Supreme can agree with clients for payment to be made after projects/campaigns. This helps your Company in the sense that you avoid the sudden withdrawal of heavy amounts from the Company. This benefit is of most use when a heavy campaign has been planned.

3.    Enhanced revenue generation

4.    Value recognition from your customer base

5.    A superior ‘attraction and retention’ proposition


To make every Client on our watch fully satisfied with our services by continuing to strive for excellence in our work.


To propel our Client’s brands to the top of the competition through creative and innovative concepts professionally executed to the finest detail, whilst projecting our Client’s image in the corporate world.


We are 100% committed to our Clients and their needs. Focusing on our Clients’ objectives, we religiously believe that if we achieve satisfaction with our Clients, we would have achieved our goal.

Contact Us

Located at: No. 14 Naa Ata Street, Tesano - Accra

P. O. Box CT 9013
Accra - Ghana

T: +233 (0) 265000002-5